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Americanization in America?

 Is this what you think when you hear or think Americanization? Well i’d agree that that’s accurate. What about modern day Americanization? You’d think about American businesses such as McDonalds in Asia and India things of that nature. But what about schools in America?

Before you rule this out as being clickbait or a overstatement think of this. In any school in America they pledge allegiance to the United States flag, ever since I can remember we have done the pledge of allegiance in school. What does this mean?

Well not a definite sign of Assimilation into American culture but this isn’t all I’m bringing to the table, as a latino resident of Texas I know that there is a variety of people immigrating from South America to the United States. In that transition from the South to the North, Texas is amongst the first states that people immigrate to upon getting here.

Here in Texas we have ESL(English Second Language) classes where the students learn to speak English socialize in a school environment and to respect rules. After a few years of ESL classes you are moved to a regular English class in an effort to assimilate you amongst other students. Upon this switch students pick up on different music, trends, different points of view and different beliefs amongst youth.

In most states we take World History as a requirement to graduate but we also have U.S history. We learn the history of the U.S and the world but isn’t the U.S part of the world? Must we learn about the history of the United States for a year? Some would beg to differ but in most states a year of U.S history is mandatory due to the fact that many people immigrate here from other countries and do not assimilate into American culture.

They go straight into jobs like construction, restaurants, housekeeping and more because of the fact that they do not need social security or anything to work in these fields. They don’t have the oportunity to go into school and learn their basic human rights, but let’s not drift off the topic here.

In U.S history they learn their basic rights, that they have these rights to a certain extent. Every school has core classes where they learn basic math and analytical skills such as english. They are taught Darwinism  the reason the Earth is the way it is, biology to have an understanding of their body works and then they’re sent on their way. American schools are not supposed to have any religious bias in their teachings due to multiculturalism. They learn to accept other races and other beliefs amongst their own which in tune leads to a certain set of beliefs they begin to see as their own and begin to assimilate into modern American culture.

We are taught to speak English, pledge allegiance to the flag of the U.S and learn to fit into American society. What will make sure we assimilate into American society through schools you might ask? That’s a simple question with a simple answer, compulsory education laws in the United States make it mandatory by law that all children in America must attend school for a certain amount of time from a certain age to enroll to a certain age when students are allowed to drop out.

Americanization is still very well and alive today not in such an aggressive form as the times of westward expansion but now we have a more mild form of Americanization that’s forced unto people inhabiting the U.S in a legal and formal way. Whenever you think of Americanization don’t just think of Native Americans, think of yourself, your children and generations to come. Because it’s clear that Americanization is going to be something practiced and perfected for a long time.

With The Renegade Media-Luis Mercado


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