Alex Jones warns of Martial Law Takeover while this is happening.

  Early 2017 has been a blur, weve already been through a month and a half of this year. The air is riddled with tension due to protests, riots, equal rights movements, and all of the above. 2016 has really left tensions high after the election, we can all agree on that. 

  Days after the inauguration there was a Woman’s March which got more attendee’s than the inauguration itself. Raking in about 1,001,616 according to the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority compared to the estimated 900,000 people that attended the inauguration.And this is perfectly fine right? What harm are they causing? They’re just advocating woman’s rights and there’s nothing wrong with that. I have no problem with a peaceful protest that’s a guaranteed right you have. 

  Just how successful are all these protests and marches?  Down below is a picture of a CBA question I got on a History test.Initially it just looks like a question I got wrong, nothing too special about this right? My answer is wrong yes I know but that’s besides the point.

  As stated in the question above these are all contributions of women’s groups in the 90’s. We’ve all seen the protests. We’ve all seen the public outrage of women not “being treated equal” we’ve all seen the protests and marches. 

  If women are not given the recognition they deserve then how did this end up on my exam? May I dare ask, if minorities are allegedly discriminated against and women ignored why must I spend a whole semester every year being reminded of suffrage and civil rights? 

  If America taught “racism” and “inequality” why would we be constantly reminded of civil rights and be forced to write about Martin Luther King every year? We all know the government wasn’t very big on equal rights back in the early days of the civil rights movement, that’s nothing new. But what about now? 

  Can we not ignore the fact that minorities reserve the same rights as any American born citizen? Apparently not. As a result of “systemic racism” Black Lives Matter was founded to stick up for African American lives. But why would they need such a group now? Do you see where I’m getting here?

  What you’re telling me is that just because a person is white they have privilege? I’d say that’s a pretty racist assumption. Wouldn’t you agree that “White Privilege”or “Male Privilege” is something that simply isn’t around anymore? 

  Let’s look at facts here, according to the bureau of labor statistics as of December of 2016 the unemployment rate in the black community was at a ratio of Men at 7.3 while women were at a 6.7. Not only does this disprove that men are favored over women in the workplace but shows that men have a higher chance of becoming unemployed no matter what way you look at it.  Either by sex or race women clearly have the upperhand in maintaining jobs in modern day society.

  I don’t believe male privilege or white privilege exists anymore due to these simple solid facts. If protesting in a predominantly African American city and breaking into businesses and establishments ran by African American families is the way towards so called “equality” then what does privilige have to do with it? If breaking into cars, destroying businesses, homes, property and teaching children to be violent and hate a race of people just because of their skin color leads to “equality” then who’s the real racist? Black Lives Matter… I’m talking to you. 

With The Renegade Media-Luis Mercado


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